Just Talk About It

Winners have been announced!

Thanks to those who entered the JUST TALK ABOUT IT video contest -- we were looking for short videos that highlight the need to JUST TALK ABOUT IT why its important to discuss HIV/AIDS among your peers or parents or other adults.

Check out the three winning videos by some very talented young people!

First Place, $350 prize: Break the Silence Giuliana P., 16
Simi Valley
[direct link]


Second Place. $250 prize:I'll Think About It
Latina Mothers Teen Success Group, Planned Parenthood: Jacqueline G. - 16; Janet O. - 18; Maria A. - 17; Brenda C. - 19; Celida J. - 19; Claudia R. - 18
[direct link]


Third Place, $150 prize:Talk About It
Foothill Technology High School SADD Group

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